The Blogger Sphere… A Small Brand Experience

As we reach the 8 month mark following what was intended to be a soft company launch, we look back with measured delight but also a massive portion of gratitude. Of course there’s a long road ahead but as we find our baby footing in the bridal & occasion fashion world. We reflect on the support shown by various media outlets who took interest in our business and products along with a whole host of bloggers who felt our products worthy of profiling and promoting.

Kind articles from @rsvplive and @evokedotie followed. Thanks again guys and girls at these two stellar publications! It’s always great to have something tangible to bring home and show the mammies! More importantly (maybe), this allowed us to connect with brides and bridesmaids to-be amongst the readerships of both publications.



Princess Wedding Feature

Evoke Magazine Feature on Engaged Apparel
















Amongst the highlights of the year so far was seeing our exclusive Camilla bridal robe being worn at celebrity wedding of the year by the most stunning bride Rosie Connolly. Rosie was nothing but supportive and never asked for a thing in return as she placed our product in the national spotlight. Don’t you love when people turn out as nice as they seem!

Blogger Community, Faith is Restored!

So to the point of this blog. I’m conscious the blogger-sphere has been muddied in recent times with suggestions of disingenuous promotions. Ironically, we couldn’t help but be “influenced” by such coverage. It takes all sorts to make up all sectors of society and maybe the blogger community is no different. In considering the blogger community as we have encountered it, I can’t help but be reminded of the old unfortunately expression, “people want to see you doing well, just not better than them”. Sometimes you have to stand back and applaud someone who creates something worth recognising from nothing. For our two pence worth of meandering thoughts on the matter, we found that the Irish fashion/beauty blogger community incredibly sincere in their promotions and more than happy to profile and promote our wears based on the product’s merit without any personal gain.

In addition to Rosie, especially good to us in sporting and profiling our accessories were (in no particular order) @marissacarter @mrsmakeup_ie @jodiewood_ (currently glowing) @hollycarpenter @rosanna_davison @domiquenugent89 @charleneflanaganmakeup @sandragillenmakeup @niamhcullenx @aideenkate @thebeauttruth (Sinéad), @justjordan @roisindolan_style . Last but not at all least, our sounding board and friend @aimeeconnolly.

So I say to these ladies, a big big thank you. Whether it was by intent or not, as you went about your daily social media undertakings you took the time to give a small Irish brand a big leg up. Have a great weekend ambassadors of glam, we look forward to following your adventures and insights!


Let’s Talk White-Crashers

This is one of those things that really shouldn’t be worthy of a post. Regrettably it is an issue. Every time I see a wedding guest sport a white/ivory/cream dress I wonder to myself, what in the name of god was this girls thought process this morning?

Maybe she thought, the bride probably doesn’t believe in this tradition so I’ll run the risk of causing significant offence.

Maybe she thought, this is a silly tradition I’ll wear what I want.

Maybe she didn’t think at all because she’s from some distant land where the tradition doesn’t exist?

All bar the 3rd scenario above are not reasonable justification in our book. Accepting an invitation to what is most likely one of the biggest days in a couple’s life infers that you are held in a reasonably high regard by the couple. Unless filling the role of a +1 your most likely a friend of the couple. Regardless of the relationship level between guest and hosts, it boggles how a person arrives at someone’s wedding day dressed to, in all likelihood, cause offence. Do people really go to the weddings of people they don’t like? From the frequency of “White Crashers” that we see, it seems that way.

The emerging trend of all white bridal party is actually a quite lovely trend. Perhaps it shows admirable character on behalf of the bride by wanting to make a token gesture towards sharing the limelight. Kudos to such ladies if that’s your preference as a bride. It really is a lovely touch. Or maybe the bride just likes uniform colours for the photos. The point is, it’s the brides decision if they wish to outwardly shun the tradition. Should the bride not shun the tradition let’s assume it stands ladies. Manners and all that.

Image result for all white bridal party A distinguished lady of style who is the closest thing we know to a professional in etiquette treads both sides of this discussion. Not so long ago Duchess Kate was commended for sharing her limelight with her sister on her wedding day. The Duchess allowed her sister Pippa wear an absolutely stunning ivory gown in fulfilling her role as bridesmaid back in 2011. Fast forward to Meghan’s big day last weekend and Kate is the talk of the town almost the exact opposite reason having worn what appeared to be a cream ensemble to her brother in laws wedding. Curious choice at best we’re afraid Kate. Apparently it’s a shade of yellow, we’re not so sure. We’re huge fans of Kate’s style and class and so hope this is a trick of the light.

Left: Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton at the Royal Wedding last Weekend

Right: Pippa Middleton in her white Bridesmaid Gown at Kate’s Wedding in 2011.

Clearly we have quite decisive views on the issue in our office. We’d love to get yours. Spare us a click by taking part in the survey on our Facebook page.

Is it disrespectful for a wedding guest to wear white to a wedding? Check out the link to survey:



Satin Robes – A New Dawn

Hi there!

Our new range of bridal robes has dropped and we’re absolutely delighted with the levels of interest in Ireland the UK and beyond. 


We found a market deficiency when it comes to quality fabric robes cut to a fit which don’t leave a bridal party in uncomfortably short attire on such a special, typically family orientated, morning. 

The persistent AliExpress Peacock pattern robes seem to be everywhere for the last 2-3 years! We say, Peacock Pattern, you’ve had your day! No more one size fits all. No more pulling on pajama bottoms to accompany your robe cut to just below the hip. And certainly no more chaffing at the sight of your almost static “luxury” garment!


Your robe may be worn for just an hour or two on the morning of your wedding so let’s keep some perspective on price. We have. We are confident you will find our pricing of excellent value. An hour or two is a reasonable portion of one of the biggest days of your life – we say, it deserves suitable embellishment.

We each have our own level of means in terms of budget. To balance with that, your bridal morning robe is likely to be something that will be immortalised in those treasured and painfully financed Kodak moments. We would expect your robe should stand as a precious momento for years to come. We are delighted with the value we have struck between luxury and value.


Our objective has been to provide the market with a range of robes cut to just above the knee in beautiful, original & exclusive designs. And not break the bank! A generic size will NOT do I hear you say. Our robes are available in small to extra large. The robes are designed with your wedding morning in mind and our colour/pattern variety is considered accordingly. But more than the Wedding morning, Thursday night tanning never looked so good & felt so soft! 

The Aurora Robe by Engaged Apparel

Our new range also features our full lace offering- something so many brides have found incredibly difficult to get their hands on without paying a ransom. I give you our full lace and absolutely beautiful Aurora robe priced at €69.99. A half lace alternative is available at €54.99. If a splash of colour is your preference, maybe for bridesmaids and the extended bridal party, further robes designs are available from €34.99 to €44.99. Check out the promo video from our recent photo shoot for a further glimpse into our range of robes:

Finally, the printing, you have enough choirs in the final weeks of your wedding. Back & front printing options are available through our website.

Personalised Robe Printing Available at


We regularly feature promotional DISCOUNT CODES for our products on our Instagram and Facebook so stay tuned and please feel free to join the conversation. Orders including personalised printing can be made through our website. For queries please contact on or message us on social media.

Bye for now!