This is one of those things that really shouldn’t be worthy of a post. Regrettably it is an issue. Every time I see a wedding guest sport a white/ivory/cream dress I wonder to myself, what in the name of god was this girls thought process this morning? Maybe she thought, the bride probably doesn’t believe in this tradition so I’ll run the risk of causing significant offence. Maybe she thought, this is a silly tradition I’ll wear what I want. Maybe she didn’t think at all because she’s from some distant land where the tradition doesn't exist? All bar the 3rd scenario above are not reasonable justification in our book. Accepting an invitation to what is most likely one of the biggest days in a couple's life infers that you are held in a reasonably high regard by the couple. Unless filling the role of a +1 your most likely a friend of the couple. Regardless of the relationship level between guest and hosts, it boggles how a person arrives at someone’s wedding day dressed to, in all likelihood, cause offence. Do people really go to the weddings of people they don’t like? From the frequency of “White Crashers” that we see, it seems that way.

The emerging trend of all white bridal party is actually a quite lovely trend. Perhaps it shows admirable character on behalf of the bride by wanting to make a token gesture towards sharing the limelight. Kudos to such ladies if that’s your preference as a bride. It really is a lovely touch. Or maybe the bride just likes uniform colours for the photos. The point is, it’s the brides decision if they wish to outwardly shun the tradition. Should the bride not shun the tradition let’s assume it stands ladies. Manners and all that.

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A distinguished lady of style who is the closest thing we know to a professional in etiquette treads both sides of this discussion. Not so long ago Duchess Kate was commended for sharing her limelight with her sister on her wedding day. The Duchess allowed her sister Pippa wear an absolutely stunning ivory gown in fulfilling her role as bridesmaid back in 2011.

Fast forward to Meghan’s big day last weekend and Kate is the talk of the town almost the exact opposite reason having worn what appeared to be a cream ensemble to her brother in laws wedding. Curious choice at best we’re afraid Kate. Apparently it's a shade of yellow, we're not so sure. We're huge fans of Kate's style and class and so hope this is a trick of the light.

Left: Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton at the Royal Wedding last Weekend Right: Pippa Middleton in her white Bridesmaid Gown at Kate's Wedding in 2011. Clearly we have quite decisive views on the issue in our office. We’d love to get yours. Spare us a click by taking part in the survey on our Facebook page.

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