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Our new range of bridal robes has dropped and we’re absolutely delighted with the levels of interest in Ireland the UK and beyond.


We found a market deficiency when it comes to quality fabric robes cut to a fit which don’t leave a bridal party in uncomfortably short attire on such a special, typically family orientated, morning.

The persistent AliExpress Peacock pattern robes seem to be everywhere for the last 2-3 years! We say, Peacock Pattern, you’ve had your day! No more one size fits all. No more pulling on pajama bottoms to accompany your robe cut to just below the hip. And certainly no more chaffing at the sight of your almost static “luxury” garment!

Your robe may be worn for just an hour or two on the morning of your wedding so let’s keep some perspective on price. We have. We are confident you will find our pricing of excellent value. An hour or two is a reasonable portion of one of the biggest days of your life - we say, it deserves suitable embellishment.

We each have our own level of means in terms of budget. To balance with that, your bridal morning robe is likely to be something that will be immortalised in those treasured and painfully financed Kodak moments. We would expect your robe should stand as a precious momento for years to come. We are delighted with the value we have struck between luxury and value.

Our objective has been to provide the market with a range of robes cut to just above the knee in beautiful, original & exclusive designs. And not break the bank! A generic size will NOT do I hear you say. Our robes are available in small to extra large. The robes are designed with your wedding morning in mind and our colour/pattern variety is considered accordingly. But more than the Wedding morning, Thursday night tanning never looked so good & felt so soft!

Our new range also features our full lace offering- something so many brides have found incredibly difficult to get their hands on without paying a ransom. I give you our full lace and absolutely beautiful Aurora robe priced at €69.99. A half lace alternative is available at €54.99. If a splash of colour is your preference, maybe for bridesmaids and the extended bridal party, further robes designs are available from €34.99 to €44.99. Check out the promo video from our recent photo shoot for a further glimpse into our range of robes:

Finally, the printing, you have enough choirs in the final weeks of your wedding. Back & front printing options are available through our website.

We regularly feature promotional DISCOUNT CODES for our products on our Instagram and Facebook so stay tuned and please feel free to join the conversation. Orders including personalised printing can be made through our website. For queries please contact on info@engagedapparel.com or message us on social media.

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